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Dec 10, 2012 5:00pm EST
-- national taxpayers union]sot in 6:13:36 "we are expecting federrl pension refoom needs to start right at the top with members of conggess."trt=:07 taxpayers face two trillion dollars of unfunded liabilty and veronique also ntu sign ]we asked pete sepp with national taxpayers union and eer-oh-neek da ru-j-ay] a research fellow at the mmrcatus ceeter what changes among the ideas.....[graphic] increase out offpocket contributioon. employees one peecent of heir salary. change the formula frommthe three highest paid years tto the five highest.raise the minimum reeiremenn agetie increases to the conssmer price index.[take sot cheryl &pst. john/works in prvvte sector]sot in 6:32:01 "it should change cause the reet of us are reallying hurting, i mean we don't havv anything." trt=:04 tomorrow, ... pn... our... eries.. on the . - fiscal cliff. p3 f you're writing a letter to santa....forget the pen and find out the sites you can visit o make and ppst your holiddy wiss list. a record in the making in the midwest...why residentss re notthappy about being part of 3 --adblib weather tt-- th
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am EST
. connecticut's pollce union is looking for funding tt make sure ttat first responders to the shooting can afford to take time off work forr emotional issues.right now, newtown police officers get 10 paid sick days a ear. but the union argues that is not enough to copp with a tragedy of this magnitude.workman's compensation in connecticut currently provides very little ccverage when it comes to mental and emotional issues. the union has talked with connecttcut's governor and the u-s attorneyygeneral... and legislative changes could be in the works. same-sex marriage goes into &pmaryland... but some clerks i saiit mary'sscounty will not perform marriages.the clerks cite... religious beliefs.but bbcauue of that... the clerks will no longer beeallowed to perffrm any marriagge.52 apppoved... legalizing gay marriage. voters approved it... and noo gamblers are doing it. &p casinos in mmryland an stay open all night long. long. joel d. smith is liveeat "maryyand live" now gambling session is ommng to an end.. joel, how busy &pis it? &p &p3- 3&ppsreet parking in some parts of ch
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
" the teachers union is asking dministrators to review the emergency response plans in the wake of the connecticut massacre. o'malleysays he plans to - introducc bills aimedat ppeventingga similar trageey fromoccurring here in maryland. theegovernor tells reporters his administration plans to sponsorat least one bill o restrict...orbbn assault weapons.the governor says he'd re-instate a federalban on &passault weapons that xpired back in 2004. ((oveennr) "it would be a llt &pmore effeetive at the national level and hey should have never allowed the assault weapons ban lapse at the nationallleeel buttat that level probaaly thhelobbies are probably are hhre in maryland." maryland."but at least onee state lawmaker sayspassing tougher gun cootrol laws in maryland...will not make society any safer. and we'll be streaminn a live town halllmeetinggabout gun control on our website ttis thursday night at sevenn o'cllcc..- baltimore county high school student is suspended fromm school after aawilddffght ii ttat girll'sfather blamee sttrtiig the fight. fight. keith daniels high sch
Dec 9, 2012 9:00am EST
, 40% approve same s marriage and 30% support legal unions and 24% say same sex couples should not be allowed to enter into any such union and now we have president, kirsten, who came out in favor of same sex marriage and wants to leave it as a state issue, not a national law and some people, as the judges are comparing it to the '70s when opinion was evolve on abortion, and, the states seemed to be working it out and the court came down with a big ruling and, 40 years later we are still having the holy war on the issue. how do you see the court reacting do you see them, some people would say, creating a constitutional right? or do you think they are going to be narrow and modest in their decision. >> it would be a surprise if they did such a broad ruling and, just ginsburg talked about this a lot. roe vs. wade, how they should have left it to the states and let it play out and i suspect, the map you put up, tells the whole story, you look at that many states who banned it versus how many approved it, it gives you a good sense where the country is on the issue. yes, it is movin
Dec 6, 2012 10:00pm EST
is a union with the divine." founddtion have been very is - clear ii their own statements that this yoga iss't only spiritual, but it's inextricable from theii spiritual beliefs." beliefs." students are given a chance to opt out.few do. an ... oklahoma teen... convicteddof mmnslaughter ... in... a... drunk--driving death... &p of... his friend.../ gets... an... unusual punishment. punishment.a ... &pjudge... sentencee ... 17-year-old tyler... pll--ed,... to... 10 years prrbation.../ and....10 yyars... off ttending √°church√°... every sunday..../that... ruling's... coming a--c--l--u...//the ... p group says ...thh sentennee.... violates... the....teen's.... first amendment rights. ""t's not something that automatically happens because &pof attendance. i happpns wwe people say i want to behave a pertain way. i want to live and act a certain way. and thh concern is that can't happen if a person is orderee to participate in 3religion." religion."alred's aatooney... says... the teen doos not hve a prrblem with the sentence... ...bbcause he goes to church anyway. quic
Dec 23, 2012 9:00am EST
recently was in the "wall street urnal," yesterday, talked about, you know, using the state of the union and using it -- inaugural address to blame republicans, that doesn't sound like somebody who is working with republicans, to find a solution. it is time for the president to lead. >> chris: you heard the president's plan and he basically said, this is all i think we can get done in these next nine days, extend the bush tax cuts, for everybody below 250,000, and, extend unemployment benefits. and, as the number three republican in the senate, can you guarantee the republicans will not filibuster the plan? >> i can't even guarantee that the democrawill vote for it. you have many democrats on the record who don't like this, either. in the senate. the 250 number is too low. according to a number of the democrats. it doesn't deal with so many of the issues out there. so, i'm not sure that they even get a majority in the senate, even though the democrats do have a majority of the members of the senate. >> chris: and what about republicans? would you fill befoibuster it. >> i don't think it
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6